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Distance Shooting, and Follow Through

Last week, I was teaching a rifle portion of a training course at my day job. We were at the 200 yard line. During a break in a course of fire, I drew my issued Glock, banged five shots at a chest sized steel plate, and was rewarded with four solid hits that gave that […]

What is Practical Fundamentals?

Many times, we go back and forth about a name change for Practical Fundamentals. I feel sometimes that people see the name, they see the word “Fundamentals” and they freak out. “I am too advanced for fundamentals,” or “what about an advanced class, I want to take an advanced class.” People really need to focus on the […]

Become a Second Amendment ambassador

Each time a horrific act involving a mass shooting shows up in the media, the usual suspects in Washington beat the same old drums, “We can’t judge all [insert your group here] by the actions of a few, but we can judge all gun owners so let’s ban [insert your scary gun, magazines, etc here]. […]

Alphas and Mikes (Part 2)

Originally posted on the Team SIG SAUER website. Yeah, I screwed up. Somewhere along the line, a supposedly easy stage snuck up on me When the last piece of brass hit the ground, I was drowning in sub-par marksmanship, ego, and penalties. I’m not sure where it all went wrong. At the time, I was getting feedback […]

Alphas, Mikes, and Mental Attitude

Originally posted on the Team SIG SAUER website. Shooters tend to spend a lot of time debriefing our performance after a match. We often look at “good matches” and “bad matches.” This performance often dwells on what we screwed up. Yeah, say it. We screwed it up. Shot too fast and missed a bunch. Missed a reload […]

Course spotlight – Rifle CQB

Rifle CQB is probably one of my favorite courses to teach. The reason why it is ain’t rocket science. Simunitions® just do not lie. If your marksmanship or tactics are poor, it will show pretty quickly. If you go OFP (own f’in program) from what the instructors teach in the course, those results show pretty […]

Big gun performance (in a little gun)

I am a huge fan of carrying enough gun. I have a lot of friends who went the small, single stack route for their carry needs. At my job, the Springfield Armory XDS 9mm is extremely popular. I like the XDS. I have shot just about every one that has came through our firearms program. […]

A good set of steak knives

Does it really matter? The selection of your carry gun? That is the question that has ruled the earth for quite some time. You’ll see some pundits on the internet that will insist that you have to “get yourself a Glock and lose the nickel plated sissy pistol.”  Or “HK all the way because they hate you […]

The Movie Theater Active Shooter Equation

As we tune in to the news on just about any given week, we see more and more copycat active shooter situations in movie theaters in the United States. This unfortunately is the new norm. Because this is the new norm, our tactics are going to have to shift to combat these cowardly acts of […]


Each year on Christmas Eve, I post the yearly SitRep from Operation Specific Training. OpSpec went live on Christmas Day 2010. And what a five years it has been. I reviewed the previous SitReps before writing this one. It is amazing to see how we have grown. 2012 was the hardest to write as it […]