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Stock In, Stock Out

  http://modernserviceweapons.com/?p=8912   Every so often certain techniques seem to swap around in the shooting community.  Almost like this week the Surgeon General says that salt is good for you, where last week salt was bad for you.  The whole stock in or stock fully extended thing seems to follow it pretty closely. In the […]


http://modernserviceweapons.com/?p=8628       I am a new guy when it comes to muzzle brakes.  I’ve spent my career shooting “whatever” came on the end of the rifle.  And that “whatever” has always came in the form of a good old fashion A2 flash hider. About six or eight months ago, a coworker brought a […]

SKD PIG Plate Carrier- REVIEW

AS PREVIOUSLY POSTED ON MSW- http://modernserviceweapons.com/?p=2605 SKD “PIG” Plate Carrier- A Review BY Jerry Jones   |   Posted on 04/18/2013 by Jerry Jones   |   IN Gear Long Guns Review Training We currently issue the PPI Operator vest at work.  We’ve been looking at and testing various vests, and plate carrier rigs for […]

Surefire X300 Review

As previously published on Modern Service Weapons. http://modernserviceweapons.com/?p=2571   Post navigation ← Previous Next → Review- Sure Fire X300 Ultra Weapon Mounted Light BY Jerry Jones   |   Posted on 04/10/2013 by Jerry Jones   |   IN Gear Long Guns Modern Service Pistols Review Weapon Modifications Sure Fire X300 Ultra mounted on author’s […]

OpSpec Training schedule for the first half of 2013 almost complete

We are pleased to announce that the 2013 OpSpec Training Schedule is almost complete with the February schedule for Hoover, Alabama kicking off the new additions.  The official 2013 SitRep will be out shortly before Christmas as I do before each new year, but I’ll tip off to some exciting projects that you will begin […]