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The Myth of Trigger Finger Placement

“What difference does it make if it means you can press the trigger straight to the rear?” I have never found a reason to doubt Jerry Jones, but just for a second, I thought he couldn’t be right.  We all know that the middle of the first pad of the index finger is the only […]

5th Generation Glock 19

Glocks are boring. I’m not saying they’re “boringly reliable.” They’re just boring. Black, blocky and blah. They are also the majority of the law enforcement/self-defense market because they work exceptionally well. Some of the best pistols in the family collection are Glocks which will never be surrendered by trade or sale. My Gen 3 M20, […]

The Arm Brace Debacle(s)

Seller’s remorse is something most firearms enthusiasts suffer from on occasion. Such was the case with my SIG SAUER® P556. For those unfamiliar, the P556 is a pistol version of Sig’s 556 model semi-automatic gas piston rifle chambered in 5.56 mm. The design lends itself well to a Short-Barreled Rifle (SBR) conversion. That was the […]

Training Day in Oklahoma 2016

Training Day in Oklahoma (TDOK) is premised upon the long-running and wildly successful Polite Society Tactical Conference. TDOK is a local version of that fine institution spearheaded by Oklahoman Spencer Keepers and the rest of the crew at Keepers Concealment. It was held at the world class BDC Gunroom in Shawnee, OK. Training blocks were taught […]

Short barrel ARs and barrier penetration: Corbon DPX

Short barreled rifles (SBR) and AR-15 style pistols are seeing a spike in popularity in spite of some recent confusion over the legality of arm braces. Presumably a lot of these guns are being purchased or built with self defense or duty use in mind. AR-15 pistols and SBR’s can have barrels as short as […]

Let the buyer be aware: Advice for the novice gun owner

On Jan. 2, I posted an article here called, Poor choices for the novice gun owner. I expected some typical ‘net backlash, but instead several readers inquired further about what gun would be good for the novice owner. The question begs an answer. Let’s look at some of the things that typically go wrong for new purchaser. […]

Poor gun choices for the novice owner

“The Marines taught me every way there is to shoot a gun.” I was trying to convince this gentleman to attend a novice handgun class. I was raised with the utmost respect for our armed forces. Still, we’ve seen a lot of former military recruits at our police department who had little or no training with pistols […]

Coaching the phobic student

“I’m afraid.” It’s rare for a firearms instructor to hear those words, but it’s common for people to have a very real phobia of firearms. This lady was different in that she had little fear of embarrassment. She just wanted to conquer her phobia. I’ve learned from much better instructors than myself to, “read the […]

‘Tis Not Folly to Be Wise: Appendix IWB

Appendix IWB carry is not for me. In fact, a few years ago I looked upon those who thought otherwise as foolish. Still, there were so many squared-away professionals who carry in the 1 o’clock position, I figured there must be something to it. I went to a four-hour block on Appendix Inside-The-Waistband (IWB) carry […]