Policy Regarding Single Stack Pistols In Advanced Classes- Effective 01/01/2018

There has been much conversation of late about  single stack and M1911 style pistols in our advanced classes.  This conversation was driven by several events in some of our advanced classes that led to questions being asked about suitability.  Several problems arose due to reliability issues, due to capacity, and lack of familiarity on the part of the end user.

Most of our advanced classes are built around double stack 9mm pistols.  Some strings of fire require upwards of 80 rounds.  This requires a lot of reloading and often takes away from what the student is tasked with learning in the particular string.  Due to this, we gave a lot of thought about the suitability of single stack pistols in our APOC, APM, and MOAC classes.

Then a student came along with a single stack 9mm M1911 in a recent class.  He was a true student of the gun.  He brought enough magazines to finish the courses of fire.  During lunch and at night he was cleaning and lubricating his pistol.  A change in policy would do him and students like him a great disservice.

Effective 01/01/2018, single stack pistols will still be allowed in our advanced classes.  This is with the caveat that the student understands before the beginning of the class that the line will not wait on him/her.  We welcome the student of the single stack gun.  However,  we can not slow down the pace of an advanced class for students that bring a single stack gun as a choice and not a way of life.

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  1. Mark Alexander
    Mark Alexander says:

    I think in the future said unnamed student should be required to leave all but one magazine at the reloading area and be required to run back and get a magazine each time he runs out. See if he smokes us then…

    • Ron Miller
      Ron Miller says:

      His “smoking” you had nothing to do with magazine capacity. Maybe you should just practice more and not take him out of play. The single stack solution is more mags and lots of tactical reload practice. If you can do that what does it matter? If you made this comment in jest, then I apologize for being snarky..I agree that newbies who don’t know how to “run their gun” should probably not take an advanced class until they can manage smaller capacity mags. R

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