Wishful thinking

First off, let’s keep our minds from wandering and keep this to gun related topics. As I am talking about some of the real bad stuff that I see on gun forums and youtube. You all know exactly what it is that I am talking about.

One case in point was a dude that posted a question on a forum I frequent that when he takes his pistol and shakes it side to side vigorously, the trigger moves side to side and rattles. He wanted to know how to take the rattle out. First answer was to stop shaking the pistol vigorously from side to side and the problem would go away.

Another case in point was a big deal to-do over a “torture test.” During this “test,”  a finely fitted, quality pistol was “tested” against a cheap, loosely fitted knock off clone. When the tighter fitted gun locked up due to exposure to mud, the clone was declared the “clear  winner” of the torture test. Oh, did I also mention that the lad conducting the test was importing and selling the clone?

And my personal favorite is the dude that will post something about a technique, present an argument that is easily refutable, and then crawl into the protective barrier known as “it works best for me.” An extreme of that argument would be the cup-and-saucer style grip of the Starchy and Hutch era. I have observed guys that post of a forum that technique being superior, and when you attempt to explain why it is not, they tell you “it works best for me.” That metric may be in fact true. But, it has not won a USPSA or IDPA major title in the last 3o years, if ever.

I am really not sure if some of it is said as a joke, or if it is just bad intel that gets passed along as fact. I often categorize most of the stuff as nothing more than wishful thinking. Cooler weather is upon us. Get out and train.


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