Thoroughly enjoyed it

Thoroughly enjoyed it. The small class size was a pleasure. As always, the instructor, assistant and admin staff were all superior. Appreciated the flexibility and tailoring to the needs of the students.

The instructors complemented each other

The teaching methods utilized were very comprehensive. This was the first time that trigger control was taught as a process. The emphasis and importance put on dry firing was invaluable.

It was nice to have an explanation when teaching different techniques rather than “just do it this way.” The instructors complemented each other which made the course content more valuable and understandable. Excellent course and content, excellent teaching and excellent instructors.

Jerry is an excellent instructor

Jerry is an excellent instructor. Great feed back and communication.

Exactly what I needed

I thought the class was excellent and was exactly what I needed. The sheer repetition really taught me to focus on the sight picture. At the end of the class I understood and knew what it was like when everything came together. I’m definitely not “there” yet, however I do understand what it looks and feels like when everything comes together. Equally important I also know what I need to do to continue to improve.

I also though the instructor was excellent. He was really good at offering suggestions for improvement, but also knew when to back off. Sometimes, as a student, you need to figure things out on your own, and he walked that fine line well.

I understand safety is a big concern anytime firearms are used, and this goes for students as well as the instructor. Having never taken a class from OpSpec I have a legitimate concern that I will feel and be safe during the class. I thought safety was handled at the appropriate level for the class and at no time did I ever feel safety was lacking or I was in an unsafe environment.

One simply could not ask more!

Just completed my second class with Mr. Jerry Jones, and once again, I enjoyed a formidable learning experience.

Truly, Mr. Jones is the rare instructor who is consummately committed on his students’ learning and development.  He espouses process oriented marksmanship and will dissect each component so the process is both understood and safely executed. One simply could not ask more!

Class was taught in an extremely safe manner

I learned a tremendous amount, and understand what I have to work on. The class was taught in an extremely safe manner. The instructors were excellent.

5 stars!

I very much enjoyed the class and I would recommend your class to anyone who wants to be challenged, is teachable, and wants to move to a higher level of training and understanding. This is the second class that I’ve taken taught by the duo Jerry and Bruce. 5 stars!

Excellent training for intermediate to professional shooters

One of the best three days of pistol training I have ever spent. This course is a must for those that want to really sharpen their marksman skills, and learn how to drive the gun hard. Very organized curriculum with excellent instruction and real world experience. Not for beginners but excellent training for intermediate to professional shooters. Look forward to attending again next year.

Every law enforcement officer would be well served by taking these classes

I have been working in law enforcement for twenty years. I learned techniques and other shooting skills I would have never thought possible. I would rate this class and the instructors with an A+. They cared about what they were teaching and the students progress. I think every law enforcement officer would be well served by taking pistol fundamentals and the advanced pistol operator class.

They didn’t let me down

I had asked Jerry and Ray to get on me about things I was doing wrong, no matter how small they were. They didn’t let me down.