Can’t wait to take another

Great class. The guys were incredibly knowledgeable. Learned a ton about trigger control and had a great time. Can’t wait to take another.

The results speak for themselves

OpSpec Training’s Practical Fundamentals course is a the best class I know of for a beginning pistol shooter. Being able to move the trigger without disturbing the sights is the foundation that all other skills are built upon. OpSpec Training rightly focuses the majority of the course on teaching this skill. The results speak for themselves. At the end of the class each of the students was able to hit a target the width of a playing card at 7 yards, some on their first shot.

Theory was well integrated into application

The Op Spec instructors ensured individual attention to not only address any and all questions but also to ensure complete understanding of the principles being taught. Humor, relevant stories, and a complete lack of bravado made everyone equal in the training to bring everyone up from the level they entered the course. Theory was well integrated into application for a fuller comprehension of not only the what, but more importantly the why. This was a great training team with Bruce, Howard, Doug and Jordan!

I shot extremely tight groups

I have taken this class or an advanced class several times. The skills they have taught me are finally becoming engrained in my brain. I shot extremely tight groups.

The staff was first rate

Best class I’ve ever taken! This class will definitely help take me to the next level! Look out here I come! The staff was first rate! A great group of people! Highly experienced!

Attention to detail can add years of experience without the years

This class is the greatest class for the shooter who wants to improve him or herself. The attention to detail can add years of experience without the years. You will become a better shooter. Their experience in gun handling, training currently in another past and projected future abilities to help each student do better is unsurpassed if haven’t taken a class from these people you should.

Your money is well spent and you get a dramatic return on your investment, something that you can’t buy. Their years of experience make them the go-to firm for training.

So simple, yet profound!

This class helped me understand the detailed process in 10ths of a second that comes into making a good draw and a great shot in a way that I had not seen before. It made clear where I can accelerate and where I can apply more time to make a fast and accurate shot. So simple, yet profound!

I wish I had this training 25 years ago

I have 25 plus years in firearms, prior military (three mid-east combat deployments), over 20 years of law enforcement with the last 10 being a trainer. I wish I had this training 25 years ago. Single best class ever!

Simple concept executed flawlessly, resulted in the most improvement and in the shortest time. I reduced group size 50%-60% in both “slow” and “individual shots” fired fast.

Improvements made during class exceeded my expectations

I took Practical Fundamentals for a second time after completing the course the first time about five years ago. While the premise of the course was the same there were nuanced differences that made it more than worthwhile. The improvements made during class exceeded my expectations. I have very clear practice drills and exercises that will continue me along my journey.

Instructors were very attentive

Instructors were very attentive to work on improving my shooting skills and addressing the bad behaviors. Both Jerry and Troy were committed to work with me improving my skills and dexterity to shoot better. I like it very much specially because it is a very process oriented class where the results came as I understood and improved on each step of the process of breaking a shot. Prep, confirm, roll.

It is really a great time spent at the range with great trigger time where you know that every shot will be meaningful to your learning and shooting skills development. I really saw a great difference for the better between start shooting on day one and finishing on day two.