Improvements made during class exceeded my expectations

I took Practical Fundamentals for a second time after completing the course the first time about five years ago. While the premise of the course was the same there were nuanced differences that made it more than worthwhile. The improvements made during class exceeded my expectations. I have very clear practice drills and exercises that will continue me along my journey.

Instructors were very attentive

Instructors were very attentive to work on improving my shooting skills and addressing the bad behaviors. Both Jerry and Troy were committed to work with me improving my skills and dexterity to shoot better. I like it very much specially because it is a very process oriented class where the results came as I understood and improved on each step of the process of breaking a shot. Prep, confirm, roll.

It is really a great time spent at the range with great trigger time where you know that every shot will be meaningful to your learning and shooting skills development. I really saw a great difference for the better between start shooting on day one and finishing on day two.

Shooting ability dramatically increased

In a two day course my shooting ability dramatically increased and I took things from this class I can use to help others become better shooters when I become a firearms instructor and join the law enforcement community.

An excellent course

An excellent course for learning or refreshing trigger control skills. Really helped with time to first shot when drawing from a holster. I was initially skeptical about “process oriented” skills but now I think it’s a very useful way to train for fast and accurate shooting.

A good foundation that I can build upon

The Practical Fundamentals class taught by Jerry Jones is well worth taking regardless of whether you’re a beginning shooter or an old hand.

Before taking the class, I didn’t really know what the fundamentals were. Taking the class gave me a good foundation that I can build upon at home. Highly recommended!

Structured drills to emphasize the fundamentals

Practical Fundamentals just wrapped up here in San Antonio (March, 2019). This class doesn’t promise some fancy new ultra secret pistol technique. It uses structured drills to emphasize the fundamentals and really show you where you are weakest. That is the most important thing I took away from this class.

They show you drills that apply directly (or can be adapted) to help whichever part of your technique needs work – trigger control, draw to first shot, multiple shots, or transitions.

Highly recommended

Highly recommended. This class made definitely me a better shooter and, more importantly, taught me how to practice in order to keep getting better. Prep, Confirm, Roll!

Really took my game up a notch!

Overall, I gained a much better understanding of the nuances associated with shooting proficiently. Really took my game up a notch!

Totally changed the way I approach a target and process the shot

The class allowed me to visualize and better understand the fundamentals through many drills and invaluable feedback from the instructors. It totally changed the way I approach a target and process the shot.

Top two classes that I have ever taken

Probably in the top two classes that I have ever taken. I pretty much liked everything about the class and especially HR, he was excellent. He and Steve were always positive and reassuring vs others that I have had that were degrading and negative. The knowledge imparted was terrific!