All of the instructors were professional

Practical Fundamentals was the best class for me at this stage in my development as an IDPA/USPSA shooter. All of the instructors were professional and have a wealth of knowledge and practical experience that they shared with their students. I firmly believe that if I practice their techniques and drills I will move up at least one classification.

I got a lot more out of it the second time around

This was my second Practical Fundamentals Class. I believe that I got a lot more out of it the second time around. I would highly recommend this class to any shooter at any level. Lots of one on one instruction. Thanks for a great experience!

I have gained a lot of great tools

Excellent class. I feel like I have gained a lot of great tools to help me become a better shooter. I am new to the sport and Bruce, Harold and Steve took the time to make me feel at ease and gave me a lot of great tips for improving my skills.

Great mix of instructors

Bruce and staff are excellent! Great mix of instructors that bring real world experience to the course.

The light came on during the course

Before this course my shooting was inconsistent at best, and sometimes just flat out terrible. The light came on during the course, and my shooting improved dramatically. I’ve made this my pledge: “I will see the sights, I will feel the trigger, I will call my shot.” Thanks for helping me put it all together.

Safety was paramount

The instruction was very very good. Safety was paramount. The drills were sound and used the building block approach. The discussions caused me to change my mind about several ideas about accuracy and speed. My shooting improved in the short time spent in class and with the prescribed practice improvement showed up on the range immediately.

Far exceeded my expectations

This was my first OpSpec class and first time at the SIG SAUER Academy. I very much enjoyed the course and definitely went away with a whole new perspective and a new set of skills and knowledge, as well as a renewed level of confidence. The training methodology and level of expertise far exceeded my expectations.

New skills I feel confident I can bring home

I learned quite a bit from this course and have picked up many new skills that I feel confident that I can practice and develop on my own. Because of the broad range of skill sets taught in this course, I will likely re-take it again in the next year or two.

Questions answered quickly and thoroughly

Jerry and Randy were both great, offering feedback whenever it was needed. Each time I asked a question (a lot), it was answered quickly and very thoroughly.

Focus on the trigger was an eye opener

The instruction was great. The pace was good. I was very happy with the course. The focus of the “trigger” was an eye opener.