Coaching aspect of this class is a valuable tool

The coaching aspect of this class is a valuable tool. Good to see the students take lessons and apply them as a coach to help other shooters.

Safety was important

The degree to which safety was stressed was exceptional and was as important – or perhaps more so – than the instruction in shooting. It’s way too easy to get complacent the more familiar you are with something. The constant reminder by all of the instructors was an excellent reminder that safety must always be considered first.

I’ll take this class again

Knowing that the class was never designed to turn out a polished shooter, I think overall the instructor did a good job of delivering the material in an order that continued to emphasize the previous lesson while layering the next lesson on top. I will likely take this class again…

Friendly and approachable

The class was extremely well put together, the instructors were friendly and approachable, and the pace was spot on to cover the material. I learned more than I had hoped and look forward to taking more classes in the future.