Moved a pace that was appealing and useful

Class great and moved a pace that was appealing and useful to shooters of all levels.

Safety was always a priority

Jerry and his staff were great with instruction and demonstration. Some great application taught from the LE world to the competitive shooter. Safety was always a priority!

Ended up being Most Accurate

I took Practical Fundamentals in June 2017. I knew it was a great course then, and have been putting in some work since. I hadn’t been able to shoot an IDPA event since before your class (wife & kids, etc…). Anyway, I got out there last weekend to shake the rust off and ended up being Most Accurate.

I know this achievement was due in large part to the instruction Jerry and Harold shared with us. Just thought you should share in this little success.

Packed with little tricks that enhanced my shooting

The training cadre and material was fantastic. The varying view points with instructors coming from competition backgrounds and law enforcement backgrounds added to the learning experience. I liked the way principals were explained in easy, logical ways. Jerry, Harold and Annette all came across as extremely knowledgeable but entirely approachable.

Having taken dozens of training courses, I can say that I have never attended a class so packed with little tricks that enhanced my shooting. I left with clear practicing instructions and after I practice them for a while, I intend to take the class again to further refine the techniques.

Instructors were fantastic

Instructors were fantastic, and worked well together. Jerry and Harold played off each other really well, alternating instructions and explanations in a way that really drove home the concepts we were learning. The humor thrown in with the seriousness and safety consciousness really made the weekend enjoyable.

Instructors were interesting, well-versed, and very professional

By taking the class I learned what I really didn’t know. I now will be relearning some basic fundamentals to improve my shooting. The class was extremely well executed from a safety standpoint. After progressing to the multiple shots, it would be valuable to move back to the basics occasionally. I found myself reverting back to my old habits.

I now have the basics to practice and improve myself. The instructors were interesting, well-versed, and very professional. As Arnie said, “I’ll be back.”

I get it now!

What a great class, my views on my own dry firing and range practicing has completely changed for the better. I now have a better understanding on how to correct my bad habits. I get it now! I’m just an average Joe conceal-carry person in a class full of law enforcement personnel. I didn’t feel or was treated any different. 5 out of 5 stars.

I doubled my performance between the start and end of this course

This class exceeded my expectations. The training I received set me on the path to developing a strong foundation for my shooting skills. I doubled my performance between the start and end of this course – outstanding.

I never would have accomplished so much on my own

This class is a definite “must take.” In just two days time, my skills have improved exponentially. I never would have accomplished so much on my own. Thank you OpSpec for this opportunity!

Very professional!

All the instructors were great. Jerry and Harold so an awesome job explaining and breaking down the various skills. Very professional! Great class.