Exactly what I needed

I thought the class was excellent and was exactly what I needed. The sheer repetition really taught me to focus on the sight picture. At the end of the class I understood and knew what it was like when everything came together. I’m definitely not “there” yet, however I do understand what it looks and feels like when everything comes together. Equally important I also know what I need to do to continue to improve.

I also though the instructor was excellent. He was really good at offering suggestions for improvement, but also knew when to back off. Sometimes, as a student, you need to figure things out on your own, and he walked that fine line well.

I understand safety is a big concern anytime firearms are used, and this goes for students as well as the instructor. Having never taken a class from OpSpec I have a legitimate concern that I will feel and be safe during the class. I thought safety was handled at the appropriate level for the class and at no time did I ever feel safety was lacking or I was in an unsafe environment.