Take. This. Class.

Take. This. Class. Do you think you’re a good pistol shooter? Accurate? Fast? Guess what, you are probably nowhere near to reaching your potential. Do you know what to practice and how to get better? I thought I did, but I was woefully incorrect.

I’ve been shooting for a long time and I cannot remember a course that fundamentally advanced my shooting accuracy and speed with a pistol. The team revealed “gaps in my game” and worked with me to correct them (and got me over the hump of personal frustration with deconstructing thirty years of ingrained mental/physical processes).

This class will deconstruct and re-train the mechanical aspects of your trigger control — and it will do it enough times that you demonstrate significant progress during the class. Also, it will give you the tools to continue to up your game after the class. All you have to do is leave your ego at home and play a little game.