The experience was first-rate in every regard

MOAC 2016 offered outstanding opportunity to learn in an immersive environment. Operation Specific Training left no stones unturned and the only complaint was time passed too darn fast!

Jerry Jones and Bruce Gray exuded mastery in teaching all of us skills, and where we fell short, a clear path for further training was succinctly outlined to guide us to success. After all, there’s always substantial room for improvement.

Jerry dissected grip and trigger management peerlessly and Bruce added subsequent insights founded upon decades of competitive shooting and analysis. Also, two “assistant” (a gross understatement!) coaches, provided constant monitoring throughout each evolution. Furthermore, if anyone desired individual attention regarding a “glitch or hitch” in technique, video assistance and immediate follow-up was provided.

One exercise which is seared into my memory was when my proverbial wheels came off. The drill was conducted on day five following 32+ hours of instruction: the direction was “GO FAST!”

I must predicate this with the safety protocols of all Operation Specific Training: safety is paramount and non-negotiable! If any student observes an unsafe act, they are to call STOP! At such time, the line freezes and the condition is evaluated. Also, safety standards are scrutinized twice daily: first morning and after lunch.

In the aforementioned drill, students were encouraged to push the envelope regarding safely drawing and firing. After several magazines, I was deeply frustrated with my performance; however, I reflected on one salient point: my frustration was due to my inability to consistently achieve a “best” grip at speed. Why did it frustrate me so much and how did I know this? It was due to Jerry’s dissection of the minutiae of the draw and shooting stroke – BINGO – it was seared into memory! Afterwards, one of the astute “coaches” dissected trigger preparation using an ingenious simple formula that was akin to a lightning bolt of learning. I shall forego the details as everyone deserves to experience such revelations from the source.

In summary, from arrival to departure, the experience was first-rate in every regard. Operation Specific carefully selects their hosts to ensure a seamless transition for all who travel for their training.