Advanced Pistol Operator Course

If you’re an intermediate shooter or law enforcement officer looking to improve your pistol skills at speed, the three-day Advanced Pistol Operator Course (APOC) is the accelerated program you are looking for. The class focuses on running your handgun at speed in a variety of conditions.

Suitable for the intermediate to advanced competitive shooter or armed professional, APOC does have prerequisites. At a minimum, the class participant should be able to safely draw a pistol and hit a man-sized target at seven yard in the neighborhood of 1.5 seconds. Ideally, you will have attended an OpSpec/Grayguns Training two or three day Practical Fundamentals class or equivalent training within the last three years.

You’ll be shooting about approximately 2,300 (750 rounds per day) rounds during the intensive three day program. This is not a course for a beginner.

The course focuses on advancing your skills to your maximum ability through repetition. As the course progresses you’ll be exposed to the psychology required to draw and successfully hit discrete targets at human reaction speed. You must come prepared to learn, both mentally and physically.

Class size is normally restricted to 12 qualified applicants, but can vary depending on the facility and number of instructors on site. Past training experience must be included when registering for the program. As with all firearms training, safety is paramount, yet the nature of the course further elevates the need for everyone on the line to be able to participate and perform safely.


  • Skill Assessment
  • Speed Shooting Foundational Skill Review and Coaching
  • High Speed Target Engagement Exercises
  • Multiple Targets – Static
  • Target Saturation
  • Speed Shooting Evaluation Exercise / Skill Assessment
  • Speed Shooting Foundational Skill Review and Coaching
  • High Speed Target Engagement Exercises
  • Strong hand only shooting at speed, Weak hand only shooting at speed, one hand pistol manipulations.

What to Bring

First, review the general overview of What to Bring to a Pistol Class.

For this specific class, you’ll also need to bring:

  • Handgun
  • Kydex, outside-the-waistband holster.
  • About 2,300 rounds of ammunition.
  • At least four to six magazines for your pistol.
  • At least two magazine carriers.

Course Fees

The course fee for the Advanced Pistol Operator course is $675, plus applicable range fees. Contact us for information on group rates.


Classes listed are not in date order. If none are listed, we do not have any on the schedule at this time.

Student Testimonials

I learned a tremendous amount, and understand what I have to work on. The class was taught in an extremely safe manner. The instructors were excellent.

Steve D.
Advanced Pistol Operator
Richmond, Calif. - June 2016