Advanced Tactical Pistol

The Advanced Tactical Pistol (ATP) course is designed for anyone who carries a pistol for work or protection. The ATP course covers a gambit of real life shooting scenarios that range from extreme close quarters to distance shooting with the proper use of cover and concealment.

This course covers the following:

  • Contact distance close quarters shooting techniques.
  • Movement to maximize survivability in a lethal force scenario.
  • What to do/say after having to use deadly force.
  • Cover and concealment.
  • Unconventional shooting positions.
  • Flashlight techniques and low light shooting.
  • Single hand shooting and manipulations.
  • Shooting in and around cars (when available).

Required equipment

  • Service pistol with a minimum of six magazines.
  • Holster suitable for concealment
  • Concealment garment
  • 1,000 rounds of pistol ammunition
  • Eye protection/Ear Protection
  • Hat with Brim
  • Kneepads
  • Flashlight (with momentary on/off tail-cap switch suggested)

Click above to review OpSpec Training’s general overview on what to bring to a pistol class.

For this specific class…

  • Handgun.
  • Holster suitable for concealment.
  • About 1,000 rounds of ammunition.
  • At least four to six magazines for your pistol.
  • At least two magazine carriers.
  • Tail cap Flashlight or pistol mounted light.