Practical Fundamentals Rifle

Practical Fundamentals (Rifle) – previously named Carbine Operator –  is designed to equip a carbine shooter with the tools necessary to deploy their rifle at speed. The course is presented in a building block approach for deploying carbine at various distances. Each training block builds on the last in a fashion that incorporates logic and sound decision making in each evolution. It also gives the shooter a “roadmap” for future individual training.

The program is designed to push the carbine shooter to the next level. The course focuses around maximizing trigger control to solve marksmanship problems. This is NOT an “organized practice” type course that many schools offer, but a chance to work in groups on what matters most – having faith in the process of running the gun, and letting the target take care of itself.

Course Topics

  • Carbine safety rules
  • Three conditions
  • Fundamental gun handling at a high level
  • Trigger control styles, and how they affect hitting stuff at speed
  • What the front sight/optic does for you at speed
  • Multiple shots at speed
  • Sling positions and usage
  • Carbine set up
  • Marksmanship standards for the defensive carbine
  • Positional shooting

Required Equipment

  • AR15 “pattern” rifle (SCAR and SIG556 are fine), or a modern pistol caliber carbine (PCC)
  • Three or more reliable carbine magazines
  • A usable sling
  • Cleaning and maintenance equipment
  • At least one magazine pouch to store extra rifle magazine. (A chest rig with or without body armor is fine.)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • An open mind

A quality red dot sight strongly preferred/recommended. Round count is approximately 1200 rounds. Students should also review the What to Bring – Carbine Class page.


This is not a basic class. At minimum, students should have taken a basic rifle safety course and have experience with their firearm and gear. We expect students to have experience shooting on a line in a safe manner, including loading and reloading.

What to Bring

First, review the general overview of What to Bring to a Rifle Class.

For this specific class, you’ll also need to bring:

  • Rifle with sling and red dot sight.
  • A minimum of three magazines with carrier.

Course Fees

Course fees vary depending on location and are subject to change. The fees will be listed for classes when the dates are announced.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding course fees, group rates or law enforcement exclusive programs.


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