Applied Fundamentals

If you’re an intermediate shooter, competitor, or law enforcement officer looking to improve your pistol skills at speed, the three-day Applied Fundamentals is the accelerated program for you. The class focuses on mental planning as a method to run your handgun at speed in a variety of conditions.

You’ll be shooting approximately 1,300 to 1,500 rounds during the intensive three-day program. This is not a course for a beginner.


Suitable for the intermediate to advanced competitive shooters or armed professionals, Applied Fundamentals does have prerequisites. At a minimum, class participants should be able to safely draw a pistol and hit a man-sized target at seven yards in roughly 1.5 seconds. Ideally, participants will have attended an OpSpec Training two or three day Practical Fundamentals class or equivalent training within the last three years.

Applied Fundamentals – Building on our flagship program

The goal of Applied Fundamentals is to take the building blocks shooters have learned in Practical Fundamentals or other trigger control-based programs and learn to apply those skills methodically to solve shooting problems.

Too often, shooters have mental knowledge and physical skill sets that they struggle to demonstrate or employ under stress, or, when presented with unfamiliar shooting scenarios, they “fail to perform.” This program addresses this issue directly.

Shooters will be exposed to an intensive, highly focused series of exercises with very specific goal sets. Applied Fundamentals’ one-on-one instructor-student structure our instructional staff to systematically address shooter’s physical (weapons handling) deficiencies and overcome the mental obstacles within their paths.

This is not a basic class. Prospective students should come in with a solid understanding of firearms safety, gun handling, and shooting skills. The course is structured and laid out in a manner that will be as mentally challenging as it is physically. Information will be chunked and repeated in a manner proven to accelerate physical and cognitive skills.

Participants will be exposed to the methods top athletes use to learn and engrain new skills. Shooters will not just see improvement, they will, more importantly, be given a language that will allow them to understand how that improvement was achieved and how it can be further enhanced. The sky is the limit. The structure of Applied Fundamentals will help remove the obstacles to your success both during and after class has wrapped.

If you are prepared for a lot of hard work and constant-one on-one feedback, come see what Applied Fundamentals has to offer.

Course Objectives

All course objectives will be achieved with a strong emphasis on safety.

  • Understanding “visual patience” and applying it to technical marksmanship
  • Cultivating the ability to drive the gun aggressively and successfully on a variety of target types
  • Understanding technical marksmanship concepts and how to apply them to the tactical/defensive and practical competition world
  • Understanding value based training drills
  • Understanding process oriented marksmanship versus results oriented

Required Equipment

  • Pistol in one of the following calibers: 9MM, .40S&W, .357 SIG, or .45 ACP
  • Kydex belt or paddle holster (no holsters that require the trigger finger to deactivate a retention device)
  • A minimum of four magazines (a few more if single stack)
  • Some safe means to carry magazines, on your person, to recharge your firearm two times (e.g. two magazine carriers/pouches)
  • Wraparound eye protection
  • Hearing protection (electronic hearing protection is recommended)
  • Notepad and pen
  • Weather and temperature appropriate attire. Jeans, BDUs, or canvas type pants are recommended
  • Gloves, socks, boots, rain coat, etc.
  • Cleaning and maintenance supplies for daily pistol maintenance


  • Estimated round count: 1,300 to 1,500 rounds

What to Bring

First, review the general overview of What to Bring to a Pistol Class.

For this specific class, you’ll also need to bring:

  • Handgun
  • Kydex, outside-the-waistband holster.
  • About 1,300 – 1,500 rounds of ammunition.
  • At least four magazines for your pistol.
  • At least two magazine carriers.

Course Fees

The course fee for Applied Fundamentals is $675, plus applicable range fees. Contact us for information on group rates.


Student Testimonials

Individual improvement regardless of initial skill level

The one-on-one instruction over the course of three days and over 1,500 rounds allowed for individual improvement regardless of initial skill level. Highly recommended.

Mike P.
Former LEO, Firearms Instructor
Applied Fundamentals
SIG Sauer Academy - Sept. 2019

Every round you fire is watched

Don’t take this class if you only take courses for the cool “experience” or if you are sensitive about having your trigger work x-rayed by serious dudes. Every round you fire is watched… every frigging round. There is constant feedback when you’re shooting. That means there’s nowhere to hide and no way to switch off your brain and just cruise.

This is a 3-day exercise in mental discipline. It just so happens you have a gun in your hand. But if you keep engaged, you will get better. More importantly you’ll take away skills to help you diagnose and improve your shooting.

Terry R
Applied Fundamentals
SIG Sauer Academy - Sept. 2019

I got faster AND more accurate

From Day 1 to Day 3, I cut my score in half on the assessment drills. I got faster AND more accurate. A simple premise that we practice for three days and have confirmation at the end that we got better. Harold, Tony & Doug were awesome, each seeing different things in each of us and we got to work with all three.

Tommy J.
Applied Fundamentals
SIG Sauer Academy - Sept. 2019

A complete game changer

This class was a complete game changer. It forced me to actually track and understand what I was doing as I was doing it. This allowed me much more control over my shooting. This class gave me what I have been looking for over these last seven years. If you have any opportunity to take this class, you absolutely should.

Nick T.
Applied Fundamentals
Paducah, Ky - Nov. 2018

Take this class

If you truly want to improve you shooting skills take this class.

Former Military, Former LEO, Firearms Instructor
Applied Fundamentals
Wilmington, Ohio - July 2018

The course is both challenging and rewarding

Applied Fundamentals provides the advanced level of instruction needed to prepare the student for action shooting competition, with focus and training on both the physical and mental levels. The course is both challenging and rewarding, and upon completion the student demonstrates significant improvement, while obtaining knowledge and guidance for establishing their own future training sessions to support continued development.

Doug S.
Applied Fundamentals
Wilmington, Ohio - July 2018

Best bang for my buck, hands down

Just finished three days of Applied Fundamentals. You can throw money at training anytime. But, if you’re going to spend the money choose to invest in yourself by training with OpSpec. HR Hawkins and Jerry Jones are truly gifted communicators in breaking it all down into incremental steps, resulting in huge gains in not only skill, but in understanding the how and why of it all.

Best bang for my buck, hands down. Thanks, OpSpec, I’ll be back.

Beth G.
Firearms Instructor
Applied Fundamentals
Wilmington, Ohio - July 2018

Amazing instructor

HR is an amazing instructor, and his unique approach to analyzing problems and training is truly a gift. I’m sure there is no one else teaching it this way, unless they got it from HR. Even then, I’m not sure they could teach it as well. He seemed to be always observing and processing, pointing out not only errors while we were shooting, but even spotting errors during warmup or visualization that would lead to errors while shooting.

Rich N.
Former Military
Applied Fundamentals
Wilmington, Ohio - July 2018

This is training I could’ve used thirty years ago

This is training I could’ve used thirty years ago. The entire weekend was focused on one thing and one thing only – trigger control. I’ve always known I wasn’t doing things exactly the way I should be, but never had it broken down for me. Now I have. And every bit as importantly, I now have the tools going forward to self-diagnose.

Kim C.
Former Military, Firearms Instructor
Applied Fundamentals
Wilmington, Ohio - July 2018

Provided me the tools to become a better competitive and tactical shooter

Anyone can shoot fast and most of us can shoot accurate but shooting fast and accurate while changing positions and sight pictures is a totally different thing. Applied Fundamentals provided me the tools to become a better competitive and tactical shooter.

Dan N.
Applied Fundamentals
Wilmington, Ohio - July 2018

The one-on-one training was invaluable

I really enjoyed my three day course! The one-on-one training was invaluable to my progress. I am already planning to attend many more OpSpec Training classes, especially MOAC!

Michael N.
Active LEO
Applied Fundamentals
Mesa, Ariz. - Dec. 2017

The OpSpec Training instructors were top notch

This was my third Operation Specific class after Practical Fundamentals and MOAC. Even though MOAC was billed as a high level class, I felt the Practical Fundamentals was more difficult because it focused solely on trigger reset and prep – in other words, the foundation for faster shooting. As we discussed in class, this is simple but not easy.

I would retake this class because it is the single most important skill I need to improve my shooting.

As usual, the Op Spec instructors were top notch.

Allan S.
Applied Fundamentals
Mesa, Ariz. - Dec. 2017