Precision Rifle

This course is designed to give a Precision Rifle shooter a look at solving advanced marksmanship problems with the Precision Rifle. This course is set up to challenge the marksman with real world scenario based training with a rifle capable of minute of angle or less marksmanship.

The course does have a physical component, and the shooters should be in good enough physical shape to perform short bursts of physical activity. This course also has a night component, and there will be a night shoot on the evening of the first training day.

This course is based upon many years of LE and military instruction on the precision rifle. It is a distilled look at the importance of precision marksmanship to solve real world type problems. The second day will conclude with a challenging pass/fail course of fire consisting of 13 rounds from varying positions.

Topic covered:

  • Selection of rifle and optics
  • Reasonable expectations of what particular calibers will provide
  • Bolt action versus semi-automatic
  • The cold bore shot
  • Multiple shots (and the things that get you in trouble)
  • Practical range estimation
  • Stress fire
  • The tripod legs of tactics, fieldcraft and marksmanship
  • Positional shooting with the precision rifle
  • Night considerations
  • Practical applications

Click above to review OpSpec Training’s general overview on what to bring to a carbine class.

For this specific class…

  • Rifle.
  • About 300 rounds of ammunition.

Class Fee

Course fees vary depending on location and are subject to change. The fees will be listed for classes when the dates are announced.

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