MOAC (Pistol)

MOAC (Pistol) is a five-day, 40 hour, high round count pistol course designed to take the intermediate shooter and provide them with the tools to become an advanced or expert shooter. OpSpec Training alumni frequently request a long-duration program – building upon our flagship two-day Practical Fundamentals program – designed to enforce and develop persistent, durable skills. MOAC-P develops these skills through repetition and process oriented marksmanship.


Prior to the start of class, students should have completed OpSpec Training’s Practical Fundamentals class or have attended an equivalent trigger control-based program from another training organization within the past 36 months. If you have the training experience, solid gun-handling skills, and can draw from the holster and reliably hit an 8-inch target from 5 yards in under 1.5 seconds you meet the prerequisites for this advanced program.

Those who have experience with IDPA or USPSA competition generally meet the prerequisites of this class. Those with previous law enforcement and military training generally do meet class prerequisites.

MOAC-P – a.k.a Mother of all Classes – has an maximum enrollment of 16 to 20 students to ensure an appropriate student-to-instructor ratio. The class utilizes steel targets to maximize training time.

Course Objectives

Objectives will be achieved with a strong emphasis on safety.

  • Cultivating the ability to solve practical and tactical marksmanship problems with trigger control and marksmanship ability.
  • Understanding the “percentage goal” as it applies to the use of sights in high speed marksmanship.
  • Understanding “road map” applications as they convert to durable skill in high speed marksmanship.
  • Understanding “goal setting” in high speed marksmanship during saturation training.
  • Cultivating the ability to score multiple fast hits at distances from near contact to 50 yards.
  • Understanding extensive strong hand and weak hand only shooting and the relationship to high speed marksmanship.

Required Equipment

  • Pistol in one of the following calibers: 9MM, .40S&W, .357 SIG, or .45 ACP
  • At least 50 dummy rounds specific to your pistol. We suggest the SAF-T-Trainers from Brownells. Be aware that some of your dummy rounds will break during training.
  • Kydex belt or paddle holster
  • A minimum of six magazines
  • Some safe means to carry magazines, on your person, to recharge your firearm four times (e.g. four magazine carriers/pouches)
  • Wraparound eye protection – as we are shooting steel for a full week, you need high-quality, mission specific eye protection
  • Hearing protection (electronic hearing protection is recommended)
  • Cleaning and maintenance supplies for daily pistol maintenance
  • Small first aid kit
  • Pen and notebook

Additional Tips

Ensure you wear and bring clothing appropriate for the weather. Even when shooting indoors, ranges can be cold. Dress in layers so you can remove or add them as conditions change. Jeans, BDUs, or canvas type pants are recommended. Shooting outdoors? Prepare for warm sunny conditions and overcast cool conditions. Bring sunscreen, lip balm and insect repellent. Bring a baseball cap, wide-brimmed hat or stocking cap as appropriate. No sandals, tank tops, or other sleeveless shirts permitted.

You should bring water to the range. Make it easy for you to hydrate yourself during the day. It’s a good idea to pack a few of protein or power bar snacks.


  • Estimated round count: 3,800 rounds during a five day period

Course Fee

  • $995

What to Bring

First, review the general overview of What to Bring to a Pistol Class.

For this specific class, you’ll also need to bring:

  • Handgun – 9mm compact size or larger suggested*
  • Kydex, outside-the-waistband holster.
  • About 3,800 rounds of ammunition.
  • At least 50 dummy rounds (We suggest the Saf-T-Trainers from Brownells)
  • At least six magazines for your pistol.
  • At least four magazine carriers.

* Yes, you can shoot .40, .357 SIG or .45, but we suggest a 9mm pistol (think P229 or larger) for our high round count classes.

Course Fees

The course fee for MOAC is $995 plus applicable range fees.


Classes listed are not in date order. If none are listed, we do not have any on the schedule at this time.

MOAC Testimonials

Each day was carefully planned

This was the best MOAC to date. Each day was carefully planned. Skills learned one day were put to use and built upon the next. The availability of one-to-one instructing both on the shooting line and off was the best I have seen.

John H.
MOAC Pistol
Okeechobee, Fla. - Dec. 2018

The instructor to student ratio…

The instructor to student ratio was much better than other classes I’ve attended anywhere. Having three instructors and the host who was an instructor that also participated in the class to 10 students was really helpful.

Perhaps the best feature was that the five days allowed me to better absorb everything, and go at my pace until they became second nature, without trying to keep up with the faster shooters.

I definitely recommend this class.

Roger S.
Former LEO
MOAC Pistol
Okeechobee, Fla. - Dec. 2018

I can’t say enough about the instructors

This class was transformational. I was able ti increase my shooting ability in one week more than years of training and many classes with other instructors.

I can’t say enough about the instructors…first class all the way!

MOAC Pistol
Okeechobee, Fla. - Dec. 2018

Take. This. Class.

Take. This. Class. Do you think you’re a good pistol shooter? Accurate? Fast? Guess what, you are probably nowhere near to reaching your potential. Do you know what to practice and how to get better? I thought I did, but I was woefully incorrect.

I’ve been shooting for a long time and I cannot remember a course that fundamentally advanced my shooting accuracy and speed with a pistol. The team revealed “gaps in my game” and worked with me to correct them (and got me over the hump of personal frustration with deconstructing thirty years of ingrained mental/physical processes).

This class will deconstruct and re-train the mechanical aspects of your trigger control — and it will do it enough times that you demonstrate significant progress during the class. Also, it will give you the tools to continue to up your game after the class. All you have to do is leave your ego at home and play a little game.

Brett H
Former Military
MOAC Pistol
Okeechobee, Fla. - Dec. 2018

The instructors were very helpful

The instructors were very helpful in explaining concepts and providing individualized feedback. Emphasis on safe gun handling skills, reloading on the timer and strong hand/weak hand shooting proved to be an important addition to the other training.

MOAC (Pistol)
Paducah, Ky. - Oct. 2017

MOAC is the only course I will come to year after year

I have limited training dollars. I make it a point to do research on courses and spend my money wisely. In the last three years I have had the opportunity to train with some of the finest instructors.

MOAC is the only course I will come to year after year.

I would say that the OpSpec Training course (MOAC) is the BEST all around firearms course I have taken. The class incorporates the lost art of simply making sure you put your rounds on target.

This is my second year back and more then the curriculum, it was the staff that brought me back. The instructors come with top notch resumes and have the skill set to step up on the line and prove it. That’s what counts.

I would highly recommend you take these guys if you want to understand how to put rounds on target and above all have a great time, in a safe environment.

Firearms Instructor
MOAC (Pistol)
Paducah, Ky. - Oct. 2017

This class helped me learn how to shoot well

I’ve been to firearms instruction all over the country and no one can put all the mechanics of shooting together better than Jerry Jones. This class helped me learn how to shoot well and correct problems that may arise.

Allen M.
Former Military
MOAC (Pistol)
Paducah, Ky. - Oct. 2017

EVERY time I learn something new

This is my third trip to MOAC, and EVERY time I learn something new. The OpSpec crew does a fantastic job of bringing in new techniques or tweeks on existing techniques that make them easier to learn and incorporate into one’s shooting and dry practice. I noticed a big improvement in my shooting over the course of the week and I gained still more tools to drive it farther.

Shooting Bill Drills on 6″ plates at 50 yards strong hand only and support hand only and making a high percentage of the hits was a real eye opener. I’d highly recommend MOAC (or any OpSpec class for that matter) to anyone who is serious about moving their shooting forward.

MOAC (Pistol)
Paducah, Ky. - Oct. 2017

Always feel the safest at OpSpec classes

Another great class from the folks at OpSpec. I’ve trained with many different instructors and always feel the safest at OpSpec classes. Firearm operation fundamentals are always stressed at OpSpec. A lot of classes I take end up being fun for shooting a bunch but OpSpec teaches the proper fundamentals and builds skills from there.

I ALWAYS leave the class with training routines I can take home and practice.

Marc A.
MOAC (Pistol)
Paducah, Ky. - Oct. 2017

Worth far more than the price of admission

I attended the MOAC course in Mesa, Arizona. The course was an excellent value for the cost, and the takeaway worth far more than the price of admission. For many years any semblance of speed in my shooting was restricted to the time between one shot and when the sight picture returned to normal, before I could fire again. By the time the course was finished I was able to precisely control and observe sight movement in rapid firing and place shot strings in a small zone on the steel.

I became acutely aware of my own shortcomings as a shooter, and was provided the means to improve them, as well as drills and exercises for homework and to use as tools beyond the training in the months to come. Four instructors were present, all of whom gave excellent counsel, well placed critiques, and tips, pointers, training, lectures, and instruction that applied at the most fundamental level to help me as an individual. Class size was kept small, and it became quickly apparent that the instructors didn’t miss much, if anything. We were kept honest, and no one had an opportunity to rest on their laurels. Regardless of our backgrounds or skill levels entering the class, the instructor cadre worked hard to ensure that each student progressed in safety, handling, understanding, skill, speed, accuracy, presentation, technique, and procedure.

Emphasis throughout the program was on safety, with all basic safety policies, rules and procedures reviewed several times a day, as well as a medical briefing prior to every session, morning and afternoon. Safety was emphasized on the line as well as the loading area and classroom settings.

The class was not full of war stories, with just enough personal experience introduced to punctuate points, and a great deal of hands-on instruction. Instructors provided demonstrations, and emphasized learning by doing. Numerous timed drills were provided to allow students to measure their progress during the class.

The MOAC training is immensely beneficial to any shooter, whether military, law enforcement, competitor, or private carry or marksmanship. Every aspect of the training, which was logical and well organized, worked toward making the shooter better, safer, faster, and more efficient. I was excited to have the opportunity to attend the class, but came away more enthused and jazzed about what we covered and where I could go with it than when I went in.

The cost of the course, especially given travel, time off work, ammunition, tuition, equipment and other aspects, was not cheap, but well worth the investment. I have no reservations about recommending OpSpec Training, or the instructors who presented the material, and suggest that anyone seeking to improve their shooting, regardless of discipline or profession, avail themselves of the classes. I will be attending more.

Mike M.
Former LEO
Mesa, Ariz. - Dec. 2016

The experience was first-rate in every regard

MOAC 2016 offered outstanding opportunity to learn in an immersive environment. Operation Specific Training left no stones unturned and the only complaint was time passed too darn fast!

Jerry Jones and Bruce Gray exuded mastery in teaching all of us skills, and where we fell short, a clear path for further training was succinctly outlined to guide us to success. After all, there’s always substantial room for improvement.

Jerry dissected grip and trigger management peerlessly and Bruce added subsequent insights founded upon decades of competitive shooting and analysis. Also, two “assistant” (a gross understatement!) coaches, provided constant monitoring throughout each evolution. Furthermore, if anyone desired individual attention regarding a “glitch or hitch” in technique, video assistance and immediate follow-up was provided.

One exercise which is seared into my memory was when my proverbial wheels came off. The drill was conducted on day five following 32+ hours of instruction: the direction was “GO FAST!”

I must predicate this with the safety protocols of all Operation Specific Training: safety is paramount and non-negotiable! If any student observes an unsafe act, they are to call STOP! At such time, the line freezes and the condition is evaluated. Also, safety standards are scrutinized twice daily: first morning and after lunch.

In the aforementioned drill, students were encouraged to push the envelope regarding safely drawing and firing. After several magazines, I was deeply frustrated with my performance; however, I reflected on one salient point: my frustration was due to my inability to consistently achieve a “best” grip at speed. Why did it frustrate me so much and how did I know this? It was due to Jerry’s dissection of the minutiae of the draw and shooting stroke – BINGO – it was seared into memory! Afterwards, one of the astute “coaches” dissected trigger preparation using an ingenious simple formula that was akin to a lightning bolt of learning. I shall forego the details as everyone deserves to experience such revelations from the source.

In summary, from arrival to departure, the experience was first-rate in every regard. Operation Specific carefully selects their hosts to ensure a seamless transition for all who travel for their training.


Mesa, Ariz. - Dec. 2016

The best firearms training I have received to date, hands down!

This class, as expected, was outstanding and really immersed me into learning my trigger and how to use it in a way I never had before. The high round count took the concepts and cemented them. This class gave me so much to practice and work on this next year before I take my next OpSpec class.

I have had a lot of firearms training from various places in the past. I can honestly say if you have even considered getting good training would be a fool to not highly consider an OpSpec class. OpSpec Training offers the best firearms training I have received to date, hands down!

Alan H.
Former LEO, Firearms Instructor
Mesa, Ariz. - Dec. 2016

Very effective coaching by the multiple instructors

MOAC is an excellent training course that I would highly recommend to others that are looking to elevate their shooting skills to a whole new level entirely. Effectively engaging targets using high round counts in a safe manner is part and parcel for this course. Being made aware of my shooting skill deficiencies and then training through those changes needed to become a better shooter was a great outcome. One attending MOAC can certainly appreciate the very effective coaching by the multiple instructors that are present. Job well done…

Former Military
Mesa, Ariz. - Dec. 2016

Far and away the best training I have ever had anywhere

After attending MOAC 2015 in New Hampshire, I had high expectations for MOAC 2016 in Arizona. I wasn’t even close. The class was far above and beyond. Many new things learned, great instruction to get the information across, and many repetitions at various distances to really groove things in. Far and away the best training I have ever had anywhere.

Nick T.
Mesa, Ariz. - Dec. 2016

I left the range each day with a smile on my face

If you want to learn to shoot fast and accurately this is the class for you. There are plenty of other classes available where you can make a lot of noise and spend a lot of hard-earned money, but none that explains in detail how to go fast and then practices each of the steps required for success. The class was challenging but I left the range each day with a smile on my face.

Alan S.
Former LEO, Firearms Instructor
Mesa, Ariz. - Dec. 2016

Their methods of instruction are solid and to the point

If you want to learn how to shoot and accurate then the MOAC is for you! The instructors are great and their methods of instruction are solid and to the point. The high round count of saturation training will make you a better shooter. Bring a speedloader!

Lance N.
Former LEO, Military & Firearms Instructor
Mesa, Ariz. - Dec. 2016

I recommend it to other law enforcement trainers

I was introduced to a new shooting technique and through instruction and high repetition I was able to learn and use it well. I’m a better shooter as a result of this course. As a firearms instructor for my Dept. and recruit level in my State I was amazed by the professionalism, knowledge and teaching techniques of both instructors. Watching them I was able to critique myself as an instructor and learn valuable skills to take back with me. This course was a dual learning experience for me and made me a better shooter and instructor. I highly recommend it to Law Enforcement Trainers.

David N.
SIG Sauer Academy, Oct. 2015

Ample training time with each drill type

… a natural progression of Practical Fundamentals. The high round count provided ample training time with each drill type to work and experience the process of high speed marksmanship. The moments when everything came together completely fulfilled my expectations. The advice given by Jerry and the team was easy to understand and made an immediate improvement on my shooting ability. Bruce provided a detailed insight into the competitive shooting world. When he spoke it was almost as if he was giving away trade secrets.

G. Jones
SIG Sauer Academy, Oct. 2105

Absolutely unique and effective

This was simply the most unique and effective training I’ve ever received. Period.

SIG Sauer Academy, Oct. 2015

MOAC was very well organized!

MOAC was very well organized. Each day had a specific objective. Progress was closely monitored so it was easy to tell what you had to work more on. The staff/student ratio was really good … course really helped me advance as a shooter. Recommend it highly.

John H.
SIG Sauer Academy, Oct. 2015