Rifle CQB Course

Rifle Close Quarters Battle (CQB) is designed for the law enforcement, military or qualified armed citizen who uses a carbine for defense, giving them the tools necessary to win inside a structure. The class uses marking cartridges from Simunition® to reinforce lessons-learned from the experience of the instructors in operational environments.

This class revolves heavily on team building concepts to make the individual stronger in life-saving tactics under fire. During the two-day program, students will learn to be both the defender of a home or building, as well as how to safely move inside a structure. Students will also participate as the “bad guy” in multiple scenarios. Scenario-based training using marking cartridges ensures you learn more, faster. 

Rifle CQB Course Topics

  • Safety rules for use of Simunition marking cartridges in scenario-based training
  • Movement vs shelter-in-place
  • Communication
  • Setting up your home to make it easier to defend
  • Home Invasions – What are the trends
  • Tactical angles and how they kill
  • Single movement
  • Movement in two-man teams
  • Room clearing
  • Scenario-based training
  • Setting up the rifle to fight with it

Required Equipment

  • Simunition FX® marking cartridges (200). Can be purchased from OpSpec Training prior to the class.
  • AR15 rifle, preferably with red-dot sight, sling and light.
  • Your rifle will be converted to fire marking cartridges for the class. The bore of the rifle should be clean at the beginning of class. At this time, it appears certain piston-driven rifle systems will work with the conversion kits. Contact a staff member if you have questions. Loaner rifles will be available for use.
  • Two rifle magazines
  • Personal protective equipment (male or female as applicable)
  • Clear eye protection.
  • Gloves
  • Means to carry a spare rifle magazine
  • An open mind

Protective equipment is mandatory for use with marking cartridges. Certain protective equipment such as head protection/hoods, and chest protection will be provided at the training site.

Course Prerequisites

At a minimum, students should have previously taken a carbine/rifle course and have a solid understanding of the safe operation of their rifle. This is not a basic rifle class. OpSpec Training’s Practical Fundamentals (Rifle) course or an equivalent program with a recognized instructor or training organization is suggested. If you have completed a carbine/rifle class, participated in competition involving movement (as an example USPSA 3-Gun), have law enforcement or military experience with a carbine/rifle, you meet the prerequisites.

What to Bring

First, review the general overview of What to Bring to a Carbine Class.

For this specific class, you’ll also need to bring:

  • Rifle with sling and red dot sight.
  • A minimum of two magazines with carrier.

Course Fees

Course fees vary depending on location and are subject to change. The fees will be listed for classes when the dates are announced.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding course fees, group rates or law enforcement exclusive programs.


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