Knowing that the class was never designed to turn out a polished shooter, I think overall the instructor did a good job of delivering the material in an order that continued to emphasize the previous lesson while layering the next lesson on top. I will likely take this class again…

Tony K - Dec. 2014 Practical Fundamentals

I very much enjoyed the class and I would recommend your class to anyone who wants to be challenged, is teachable, and wants to move to a higher level of training and understanding. This is the second class that I’ve taken taught by the duo Jerry and Bruce. 5 stars!

DS - May 2016 Advanced Pistol Operator

Excellent class. I feel like I have gained a lot of great tools to help me become a better shooter. I am new to the sport and Bruce, Harold and Steve took the time to make me feel at ease and gave me a lot of great tips for improving my skills.

Karen B. - June 2016 Practical Fundamentals

I am a USPSA Master class shooter and I hit a plateau for the last six months that I have been struggling to overcome. Bruce was fantastic with his explanation of the Bump Drill and trigger manipulation. In the class, I shot more alphas and hit the steel more consistently than ever. I would definitely recommend this class to everyone I see. I also look forward to taking it again.

Jeff W. - May 2016 Advanced Competition Pistol

If you want to learn how to shoot and accurate then the MOAC is for you! The instructors are great and their methods of instruction are solid and to the point. The high round count of saturation training will make you a better shooter. Bring a speedloader!

Lance N.Former LEO, Military & Firearms InstructorMOAC, Dec. 2016