I have taken several pistol training classes from Operation Specific, and I learn a tremendous amount each time. Prior to this class, when practicing at the range, I was mostly burning through ammo and getting nowhere. Not only are my skills progressing well, but I am saving tremendous amounts of money by not wasting ammo with little learned.

Steve DPractical Fundamentals, Nov. 2016

Thoroughly 100% professional, safe and very informative. After going through the class, I understand why some folks feel inclined to take it more than once. Highly recommended.

Phillip P.Practical Fundamentals, June 2017

I don’t think anyone can top this level of instruction it was flawless!

F.S.Law Enforcement OfficerPractical Fundamentals, June 2016

Any class with Bruce is a great class! He explains his thought process and philosophy of shooting in a truly engaging and approachable way.

Rachael - May 2016 Advanced Competition Pistol

The coaching aspect of this class is a valuable tool. Good to see the students take lessons and apply them as a coach to help other shooters.

Ray P. - Jan. 2015 Practical Fundamentals