Excellent class. Perfect follow on to Practical Fundamentals I took over a year ago. Time between classes gave me enough time to absorb and incorporate PF techniques, allowing me to concentrate on APM material. Instructors Jerry and Ray were excellent, giving accurate and timely feedback. Appreciate their organizational skills to keep schedule, approachability, and good sense of humor.

Mike V.Advanced Pistol Marksmanship, Nov. 2016

If you take your firearms training serious and want to take your skills to the next level, I highly recommend taking the practical fundamentals course. Far too often we rely on the newest wazoo equipment or trigger job to shoot better when in reality we need to bring it back and focus on the fundamentals. Proficiency with a firearm is a perishable skill and we all need to take the time to refocus on the fundamentals of good marksmanship. Don’t let your ego cloud get the best of you. Be safe, train hard and God bless.

Aaron J.Law Enforcement OfficerPractical Fundamentals, June 2016

It is amazing what difference a day makes!. You start off in the morning shooting so-so, and by the afternoon you are (almost) an expert. No matter how much you think you know, taking the class helps you realize how much better you can become.

Steve D.Advanced Pistol Marksmanship, Nov. 2016

The instruction was very very good. Safety was paramount. The drills were sound and used the building block approach. The discussions caused me to change my mind about several ideas about accuracy and speed. My shooting improved in the short time spent in class and with the prescribed practice improvement showed up on the range immediately

John - June 2015 Practical Fundamentals

Training done right! Read the course information and you won’t be disappointed. Jerry Jones is as good an instructor as I have encountered during weapons training. He will provide you the roadmap and you just need to execute. He was helpful to students and did not belittle them when having troubles. I say it again you will not be disappointed!

David K. - June 2016 Practical Fundamentals