I took the class to benefit from Bruce’s teaching. He did not disappoint. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to benefit from his insights. I say that as one who has had the opportunity to learn from a number of instructors, including: Gunsite (Ed Stock), Hackathorn (Ron Avery) and briefly, Ayoob. Were I able only to get further instruction from one person, I would choose Bruce.

AnonymousPractical Fundamentals, Sept. 2016SIG Sauer Academy, New Hampshire

Truly an outstanding class that I would recommend to anyone interested in perfecting their skills and discipline in handgun marksmanship. The instructors use real world examples and teach practical, repeatable skills that will yield dividends for may years to come.

Michael P.Practical Fundamentals, Nov. 2016Richmond, Calif.

This was an excellent class for those who want to move beyond the basic fundamentals of shooting to understand how the body and mind implement the mechanical actions. Take your shooting to another level by learning how to use the subconscious part of the mind to link your training to your match performance.

Jeff B. - May 2016 Advanced Competition Pistol

This was simply the most unique and effective training I’ve ever received. Period.

H.C. - Oct. 2015 MOAC

I don’t think anyone can top this level of instruction it was flawless!

F.S.Law Enforcement OfficerPractical Fundamentals, June 2016