Jerry was fantastic, I really appreciate his direct approach and constructive feedback. Bruce is very analytical in his approach, so they balance well. Ray was great at filling in the gaps and throwing out the occasional verbal confidence booster. I came away from this class with significantly better trigger control and a lot more knowledge on how to improve it going forward. I shoot a lot, but this basic foundation is something that can’t be overemphasized.

Matt G. - May 2016 Advanced Pistol Operator

The instruction I received in this class is the building blocks needed for quick and accurate shooting. Safety is stressed as the most important thing and no rounds went down-range without a lesson attached to them.

Larry L. - June 2016 Practical Fundamentals

Great class. Can take the class several times and still gain significant amount of new information.

Practical Fundamentals is a must have class for those wishing to be more accurate, better shooters. Need to practice the bump drill daily to perfect trigger preparation.

NeilLaw EnforcementPractical Fundamentals, Sept. 2016

The instruction was very very good. Safety was paramount. The drills were sound and used the building block approach. The discussions caused me to change my mind about several ideas about accuracy and speed. My shooting improved in the short time spent in class and with the prescribed practice improvement showed up on the range immediately

John - June 2015 Practical Fundamentals

Advanced Competition Pistol was one of the toughest classes I’ve ever taken, not only due to the round count and challenging drills and targets, but because of how much self-examination of the shooter’s ego and motivations was involved through detailed lectures and question/answer sessions. I learned a lot about where I’m at with my own shooting, what I can get better at, and more importantly, how to continue forging ahead with improvement. I’d recommend this class to any competitive shooter who’s trying to break through plateaus or keep moving up in skill level.

Annette E. - May 2016 Advanced Competition Pistol