Ability to pass on his knowledge is incomprehensible

I recently attended the Applied Fundamentals class with HR Hawkins. The depth of HR’s understanding of the subject matter, his awareness of what is happening on an unimaginable level and his ability to pass on his knowledge is incomprehensible.

Ultra-refined instruction on trigger control

The class to take if you want to become a better shooter. You will receive an ultra-refined instruction on trigger control that will result in immediate and significant improvement. Make every effort to take this class. OpSpec Training is light years ahead of other organizations in their approach to teaching trigger control and improved marksmanship.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course

HR and Troy were excellent instructors. Well informed, knowledgeable and skilled in pistol shooting. Took the stress of anticipation away by saying “there was nothing new to be learned” after the first hour. However, little gradual additions were made along the course so that realistically we performed much different “courses of fire” at the end than in the beginning.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would come to other Florida based courses limited to 3-3.5 days. Excellent.

The first time I have taken time to give a review of a class

I just finished a class last weekend at Okeechobee with HR and the team at OpSpec Training. Over the last 20 years I have been to more than 30 classes in four different states.

HR is one of the finest instructors I have had the pleasure of spending time with. He not only can handle a firearm very well and has the safest handling I have seen.

When I would call my wife during the class she wanted to know how safe it was this time. She was very happy to hear my report. Not only is he a great speaker, but for someone of his abilities to be able to slow down enough to teach people that are new to his teachings is incredible!

By the way, this is the first time I have taken time to give a review of a class.

Well structured and very well executed

Excellent. HR was extremely knowledgable, professional, polite and very focused on safety and first aid. Troy and Emmitt were very professional as well and great guys to boot.

An excellent class well structured and very well executed. Top notch instruction from top notch people. 5 stars all the way. I will be attending another class early next year. Thank you!

Individual improvement regardless of initial skill level

The one-on-one instruction over the course of three days and over 1,500 rounds allowed for individual improvement regardless of initial skill level. Highly recommended.

Every round you fire is watched

Don’t take this class if you only take courses for the cool “experience” or if you are sensitive about having your trigger work x-rayed by serious dudes. Every round you fire is watched… every frigging round. There is constant feedback when you’re shooting. That means there’s nowhere to hide and no way to switch off your brain and just cruise.

This is a 3-day exercise in mental discipline. It just so happens you have a gun in your hand. But if you keep engaged, you will get better. More importantly you’ll take away skills to help you diagnose and improve your shooting.

I got faster AND more accurate

From Day 1 to Day 3, I cut my score in half on the assessment drills. I got faster AND more accurate. A simple premise that we practice for three days and have confirmation at the end that we got better. Harold, Tony & Doug were awesome, each seeing different things in each of us and we got to work with all three.

A complete game changer

This class was a complete game changer. It forced me to actually track and understand what I was doing as I was doing it. This allowed me much more control over my shooting. This class gave me what I have been looking for over these last seven years. If you have any opportunity to take this class, you absolutely should.

Take this class

If you truly want to improve you shooting skills take this class.