A complete game changer

This class was a complete game changer. It forced me to actually track and understand what I was doing as I was doing it. This allowed me much more control over my shooting. This class gave me what I have been looking for over these last seven years. If you have any opportunity to take this class, you absolutely should.

Take this class

If you truly want to improve you shooting skills take this class.

The course is both challenging and rewarding

Applied Fundamentals provides the advanced level of instruction needed to prepare the student for action shooting competition, with focus and training on both the physical and mental levels. The course is both challenging and rewarding, and upon completion the student demonstrates significant improvement, while obtaining knowledge and guidance for establishing their own future training sessions to support continued development.

Best bang for my buck, hands down

Just finished three days of Applied Fundamentals. You can throw money at training anytime. But, if you’re going to spend the money choose to invest in yourself by training with OpSpec. HR Hawkins and Jerry Jones are truly gifted communicators in breaking it all down into incremental steps, resulting in huge gains in not only skill, but in understanding the how and why of it all.

Best bang for my buck, hands down. Thanks, OpSpec, I’ll be back.

Amazing instructor

HR is an amazing instructor, and his unique approach to analyzing problems and training is truly a gift. I’m sure there is no one else teaching it this way, unless they got it from HR. Even then, I’m not sure they could teach it as well. He seemed to be always observing and processing, pointing out not only errors while we were shooting, but even spotting errors during warmup or visualization that would lead to errors while shooting.

This is training I could’ve used thirty years ago

This is training I could’ve used thirty years ago. The entire weekend was focused on one thing and one thing only – trigger control. I’ve always known I wasn’t doing things exactly the way I should be, but never had it broken down for me. Now I have. And every bit as importantly, I now have the tools going forward to self-diagnose.

Provided me the tools to become a better competitive and tactical shooter

Anyone can shoot fast and most of us can shoot accurate but shooting fast and accurate while changing positions and sight pictures is a totally different thing. Applied Fundamentals provided me the tools to become a better competitive and tactical shooter.

The one-on-one training was invaluable

I really enjoyed my three day course! The one-on-one training was invaluable to my progress. I am already planning to attend many more OpSpec Training classes, especially MOAC!

The OpSpec Training instructors were top notch

This was my third Operation Specific class after Practical Fundamentals and MOAC. Even though MOAC was billed as a high level class, I felt the Practical Fundamentals was more difficult because it focused solely on trigger reset and prep – in other words, the foundation for faster shooting. As we discussed in class, this is simple but not easy.

I would retake this class because it is the single most important skill I need to improve my shooting.

As usual, the Op Spec instructors were top notch.