I left a much better shooter

This class broke down the fundamentals of shooting in a way I have not had anybody explain before. However that does not mean this is a basic course. I have been shooting a long time and have taken a variety of training and this helped tie much of that together in a very practical and useful way.

I left a much better shooter then when I went in and I had a great time.

Instructors were excellent

Excellent class. I definitely improved while in the class. Also learned new techniques I can practice at home that will further improve my shooting. Recommend this class with no reservations.

Instructors were excellent. They saw everything and were quick with helpful pointers to improve technique. Excellent explanations. The instructions for the drills were very clear.

Opportunity for one-on-one instruction

Very good class, excellent instruction, [and] application of the fundamentals – especially trigger control. Set up drills in a way to break up the monotony of the usual “line” plus giving greater opportunity for one-on-one instruction.

I met my goals and then some

Emmitt and Jerry were very professional and their knowledge and skill sets for teaching this block of instruction was more than adequate. I do not know what they could have done to better the class except perhaps, finding a range that was closer to the parking lot.

I served in the special ops community for more than 21 years and am currently a law enforcement officer. I have taken many shooting classes over the years and consider myself not only an above average instructor but a better than average shooter. I had hoped to gain some new skill sets to bring back to my agency as well as become an even more effective shooter and instructor. Well, I met my goals and then some.

The MOAC course did not disappoint. I recommend this course to any serious shooter looking to advance their skill sets. This course is not meant for the novice shooter, or any shooter that can’t meet the prerequisites.

Did I mention trigger control?

This class stresses trigger control and trigger control and well, did I mention trigger control? It will make you a more accurate shooter by stressing trigger control and instilling confidence in your ability to make accurate hits under stress.

Each day was carefully planned

This was the best MOAC to date. Each day was carefully planned. Skills learned one day were put to use and built upon the next. The availability of one-to-one instructing both on the shooting line and off was the best I have seen.

The instructor to student ratio…

The instructor to student ratio was much better than other classes I’ve attended anywhere. Having three instructors and the host who was an instructor that also participated in the class to 10 students was really helpful.

Perhaps the best feature was that the five days allowed me to better absorb everything, and go at my pace until they became second nature, without trying to keep up with the faster shooters.

I definitely recommend this class.

I can’t say enough about the instructors

This class was transformational. I was able ti increase my shooting ability in one week more than years of training and many classes with other instructors.

I can’t say enough about the instructors…first class all the way!

Take. This. Class.

Take. This. Class. Do you think you’re a good pistol shooter? Accurate? Fast? Guess what, you are probably nowhere near to reaching your potential. Do you know what to practice and how to get better? I thought I did, but I was woefully incorrect.

I’ve been shooting for a long time and I cannot remember a course that fundamentally advanced my shooting accuracy and speed with a pistol. The team revealed “gaps in my game” and worked with me to correct them (and got me over the hump of personal frustration with deconstructing thirty years of ingrained mental/physical processes).

This class will deconstruct and re-train the mechanical aspects of your trigger control — and it will do it enough times that you demonstrate significant progress during the class. Also, it will give you the tools to continue to up your game after the class. All you have to do is leave your ego at home and play a little game.

The instructors were very helpful

The instructors were very helpful in explaining concepts and providing individualized feedback. Emphasis on safe gun handling skills, reloading on the timer and strong hand/weak hand shooting proved to be an important addition to the other training.