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Langdon Tactical’s Beretta 92 “Trigger Job in a Bag”

As a child growing up during the 80s, it’s no surprise my first “gun crush” (and likely MANY others like myself) was a Beretta 92. Martin Riggs and John McClane did for Berettas what “Dirty Harry” Callahan did for S&W Model 29s. It wasn’t until relatively recently that I finally picked up one. Now, there […]

Closer Look – Grayguns P-PAK Self Defense version

More than two years ago, Grayguns released their first action enhancement drop-in kit. It was designed for the SIG Sauer® P-Series traditional double action (DA/SA) pistols. Bruce Gray wanted to provide buyers an excellent “trigger job” without having to send the pistol off to the team in Oregon. The introduction of the original P-Series Perfection […]

Simunition training, where the rubber meets the road

For longer than I probably care to admit, I thought I had a good grasp of what I’d do if the SHTF. Some of you may have thought the same thing, or heard the proverbial lines “If someone breaks into my house I’m gonna (insert tactics here)…” or “If I get into a gunfight I’ll…” […]