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Practical differences in defensive handgun calibers

The idea that the difference in splits do not matter in defensive shooting is a red herring at best. It does matter. We tend to cling to metrics that prove our point, despite the truth being otherwise. There is a difference in the calibers. Square range capabilities carry little metric in real life defensive encounters. […]

Breaking gun parts is normal – replace and move on

Gun parts. Shoot them till they break. In my last installment of Things Do Break, I looked at some high round count guns, and the fact that some stuff does eventually break. What a concept, if you use a piece of gear, a lot, it may eventually fail. Now, I don’t say that as a […]

Things do break

I have a very good student who trains. A lot. To say that he is somewhat of a professional student may be under-rating him. His platform of choice is a DA/SA SIG SAUER. His primary training pistol is a P226R. Did I mention that he trains a lot? Recently he has ran into problems during training […]

Wishful thinking

First off, let’s keep our minds from wandering and keep this to gun related topics. As I am talking about some of the real bad stuff that I see on gun forums and youtube. You all know exactly what it is that I am talking about. One case in point was a dude that posted […]


I have been on a bit of a tear here of late on the police and their gear. Man, I can’t get around the fact that we often are our own worst enemies. Let me start out and say a couple of things to lay the baseline. I am completely and totally good with the […]

Distance Shooting, and Follow Through

Last week, I was teaching a rifle portion of a training course at my day job. We were at the 200 yard line. During a break in a course of fire, I drew my issued Glock, banged five shots at a chest sized steel plate, and was rewarded with four solid hits that gave that […]

What is Practical Fundamentals?

Many times, we go back and forth about a name change for Practical Fundamentals. I feel sometimes that people see the name, they see the word “Fundamentals” and they freak out. “I am too advanced for fundamentals,” or “what about an advanced class, I want to take an advanced class.” People really need to focus on the […]

Become a Second Amendment ambassador

Each time a horrific act involving a mass shooting shows up in the media, the usual suspects in Washington beat the same old drums, “We can’t judge all [insert your group here] by the actions of a few, but we can judge all gun owners so let’s ban [insert your scary gun, magazines, etc here]. […]